Gary’s QuickSteak Chicken

Glenn Valley Foods uses the finest Chicken to make Gary’s Quicksteak Chicken moist and flavorful providing many healthy meal options.

Gary’s QuickSteak Chicken can be cooked frozen or thawed in a 350˚ skillet. It is quick and easy and separates into pieces as you rotate the chicken on the grill.

Start with Gary’s QuickSteak Chicken…Add What You Crave! Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Jalapenos and Cheese.

Gary’s QuickSteak Pre-Sliced Chichen is so versatile you can use in your favorite recipes.
• Chicken Enchilada Soup
• Chicken Rice Bowls
• Chicken Enchiladas
• Chicken Tacos
• Chicken Wraps
• Casseroles
• Nachos
• Salads
• Soups
• Stir Fry

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