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Founded by Gary Rohwer

Glenn Valley Foods is a true pioneer in the food industry. Recognizing the need for a product that was versatile and quick for the consumer….Gary developed a pre-sliced, pre-portioned, quick release Philly meat. This original legendary product became known as “Steak Eze” which he sold to Advance in 1998. Dedicating himself to continuing to provide new products to consumers, Gary created many different cutting-edge products including “Gary’s QuickSteak” with improved quality and specifications from his original legendary product.

Gary’s QuickSteak is extremely versatile and can be used for multiple recipe ideas. Because of the ability to use this product for multiple menu recipes, it encourages the shopper to ultimately buy more groceries.

Proven Products

Superior Flavor

Award-winning signature restaurant product now available at the retail level. A flavor profile that allows the consumer to season to their taste, or use our WOW! Seasoning packet provided. The WOW! Seasoning packet is a value added addition to our product.

Packaging & Product Quality

Gary’s QuickSteak packaging helps to maintain a longer shelf life for less product rotation. With a perfect fat to lean ratio the look and flavor of the product remains consistent.

Meals in Minutes

A product that is easy for the consumer to grab, go and cook! Gary’s QuickSteak cooks within minutes, making for a quick easy meal. With many different recipe options for our BEEF, CHICKEN and CORNED BEEF, it will help upsell additional grocery items. We help the consumer expand their grocery list, and retailers profit to increase!

Proven Marketing

In-Store Tasting Events

Bringing the product to the consumer to let them see, smell and taste the product. We offer complete In-Store Tasting Events along with Recipe Cards on-site to encourage adding to their grocery list!

In-Store Merchadising

We understand the importance of using different types of in-store marketing to capture the attention of the consumer and create a unified brand message. Gary’s QuickSteak offers Racks & Clings, Bunkers, Hats, Recipe Cards, Customized In-Store Displays, Fixtures and Marketing. We turn an impulse buy into a regular buy every time with our flavor, consistency, product quality and merchandising efforts.

TPR’s & TPD’s

We offer TPR’s which help drive consumers to purchase the product creating a sense of urgency to capture the price reduction. Because TPR’s work well with easy to make quick meals, Gary’s QuickSteak is well positioned to help capture additional sales by creating that impulse buy and driving more profit to the store.

Ad’s & Coupons

The marketing team at Gary’s QuickSteak understands the different seasons of buying. We will work with stores to support ads & coupons relevant to each season, creating additional demand!

Use of Social Media & Technology

75% of people believe that liking a brand helps them feel more connected. Gary’s QuickSteak Facebook page creates awareness and encourages traffic by the use of recipe ideas and other promotions, a call to action for the consumer to purchase!

Proven Sales

Higher Perceived Value

The products we offer: BEEF, CHICKEN and CORNED BEEF all have a higher perceived value for the consumer. The price points offered to the consumer makes it an easy sell, and a great opportunity to capture more sales!

Higher Profit Margin

Gary’s QuickSteak brings an opportunity to create a higher profit margin. We offer competitive pricing & TPR’s/TPD’s which makes the average profit margin over 30%!

Customer Service

We know that being responsive to any customer need is important. Just like our steaks cook quickly, we respond quickly as well. Our team prides itself on delivering superior customer service.

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